Boys Home

Boys’ Home

The Boys’ Home is at No 57 & 59, Jalan Bunga Melur, 11A Taman Mawar, 56100 Kuala Lumpur. This is also our headquarters and accommodation for boys aged between two years to 18 years of age. The building has since been expanded, renovated and completed in 2014 to three storeys to accommodate a total of 52 children.

The ground floor is where the office is located. Management and admin coordinate the daily activities of the whole Home.

The 1st floor houses
the children aged 13 years and below.

Besides the office, the vast area of the ground floor
is used for activities such as singing, dancing, indoor games, birthday celebrations, etc by our sponsors and donors. There is also a kitchen for older children to have their snacks and supper

2 big rooms that accommodate up to 24 children.

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    I am 4 years old. I like to stay here because I have many friends like my brothers and sisters

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    Look!!!. our teacher says discipline is so important. Even our things have to queue up inside the cupboard.

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    Thumbs up to these 2 Orang Asli brothers.

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    Before every meal, we must say grace and we also ask God to bless our donors for the food we eat.

We really need your help so more children like me can have a safe place to live, study, play and love.