Children's Stories

The Three Siblings: Philip’ 5yrs old, ‘John’ 4yrs old, ‘Betty’ 3yrs old. Born to a mentally unstable mother, they did not know who their fathers are - their mother was possibly taken advantage by some men who knew she wouldn’t be able to identify them for what they have done to her, due to her mental state.

When their mother's mental problems got worse and she could not hold on to her job, their rented home also disappeared as the landlady threw them out in the streets.

They survived by eating leftovers at coffeeshops, hawkers stalls, what they found in garbage bins and finally lived under a flyover.

That was when social welfare found, rescued them and they were placed in Sunbeams Home.

‘Philip’ grew up to become a successful accountant with a leading bank after graduating with honors from a college in the UK.The younger brother ‘John’ was gainfully employed and ‘Betty’ is now happily married.

Every child rescued, every success story is worth more than a million ringgit. Your donations will enable us to help more children.