Girls Home

The rest of the children, girls aged from 5 to 17 yrs old are staying at No. 31, Jalan
Teratai, Ampang.

We have a total of 49 girls staying here. This house was offered to our girls to stay by a benevolent couple who renovated it before the girls moved in to stay in 2012.

We are grateful as for we do not complain our bedsheets did not match but we are grateful for many of us, this is home and this is luxury from where we came from. Most importantly, here is where we feel safe, loved, and a family.

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    So pretty and radiant. Hard to imagine what they had gone through before coming here.

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    Without the generous donors, where will these lovely children be.

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    Building lives, inculcate good values, teaching them to be independent.

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    Love, study, pray, play all made possible by donors' blessings.

Here is how our foundation of love makes us feel safe. Education empowers us and gives us a future.