Happy Endings

Hitched! Christina Santhi found the love of her life in 2013. They are all happy for her.

Who could have gussed? Once a poor lost boy, Peter Wong finally found his match in 2016. Growing up as any other normal kid, he now starts his own family with confidence, courage and love.

Many people have little faith of what would become of these problematic, mentally and physically abused children, tortured by the very blood relatives who were supposed to protect them.

With unconditional love of their adopted family at Sunbeams, they grew up to be normal people who found their partners for life, got married and for sure, will in turn make sure their children are well cared and protected to the end of time.

Wow! Who would have thought that the gorgeous, beautiful Doreen with Kpop worthy looks was once a "graduate" of Sunbeams Home? Such happiness and bliss certainly inspires our children and gives them hope, that even when life deals them a bad hand, they can make the best out of what Sunbeams Home gives to them.

Our work don't just end when they graduate. Its lovely to see them get married, have children and return to the Home with their children to play, love and help other children.