Donate RM 1 a Day

WHAT is RM1 A Day Campaign?
Yayasan Sunbeams Home is always passionate about helping children who are deserving a safe, loving, and nurturing environment. However, to continue doing that, we have decided to roll out this fundraising campaign -- RM1 A Day Campaign.

A ringgit a day will most likely do not impact your day-to-day living, but it is enough to make a significant impact on the lives of our children in Sunbeams Home. The fundraising possibilities of this campaign are endless, so could you spare us one ringgit a day, thirty ringgit a month?


The Impact of RM1 A Day!
Whether you give a little or a lot, you make a difference!

WHY help us?
Support us to ensure every child here at Sunbeams Home have the opportunities and able to meet the basic living needs. And we believe you definitely have the power to create a great change.

Not only that, giving makes you feel good and, knowing that your donations are able to directly help those who are in need, help the most. We all want you to know that you’re definitely making a difference and helping to create change. Moreover, this is the perfect avenue for you in building a sense of community and purpose.

Simply, it’s the right thing to do. In the long-term, your contributions ensure that these children have the opportunity to break the cycles of poverty, violence, and hopelessness and replace them with security, hope, and self-sufficiency.

When you choose to donate or support the campaign,
your contribution helps to improve children’s lives in our community! More than that, your donations are what make our initiatives possible for these 25 years. Thanks to your support, you will not only improve a child’s life but creates opportunities and valuable impacts for us.


  • Boys Home
  • Girls Home
  • Alor Gajah Branch
  • Community Learning Centre
  • Sunbeams Day Care
  • Food Program
  • Orang Asli Care
  • "We appreciate your contribution and it definitely makes a huge difference in transforming the lives of our community and Sunbeams Home children!"

Lend us a helping hand.