Donate RM 1 a Day

RM 1 a day
Why did we not ask for 1 Million?

  2. From years of experience in raising funds for the home, we find that income stability is so important.
  3. Knowing the fix cost it is important for us to have regular donors as salaries, utilities, expenses need to be paid on regular bases. Any larger donations will definitely be a bonus use for maintenance, upgrading, replacing of electrical items, renovations etc.
  4. All we need is to have 5000 donors to give us 1 RM a day, this is all we ask. Please, help us spread the word amongst the friends, colleagues and loved ones.
  5. All donations are income tax deductible and every year in April, just as when donors need to file their income tax, we will automatically generate receipts to donors for them to submission.

We really need your help.